You mean it was fake?!?

Maybe North Korea was feeling jealous and a little left out of the “Let’s Scare the US into Attacking Our Country” game.

As Iran warned of “retaliation” for U.N. sanctions stemming from their enrichment program, North Korea decided to let everyone know they still want to be enemy #1, by claiming to have actually exploded a nuclear bomb. But apparently, they were in such a hurry it didn’t even work.

Or is it out of the realm of possibility that Kim Jong Il just made this whole thing up? He’s getting older, he’s already partly crazy…’s definitely possible. He loves Western culture so much, he might have just missed being on the front page. Fake nuke or not, obviously U.N. sanctions will be forthcoming and his people will suffer through further hardships, but hey, at least people will be talking about North Korea and its leader again.

Kim Jong Il is not the only senile old man trying to make the news. In New York, George Steinbrenner is also trying to stay relevant. Old George is said to be firing Joe Torre. He wants to make a splash so people still think he’s running the show. Of course, he also knows it’s a stupid move and doesn’t address any actual problems, but at least he can pretend firing someone will solve everything. Just like the good ol’ days.

In the end, they both are following the same principle. Whether you’re running a dictatorship in a third world country or for a losing baseball team: if everything fails, just remind everyone else you are still in charge.