Normally I avoid Karl Rove’s cookie-cutter partisan drivel at all costs, but this column from a few days ago, “ObamaCare Isn’t Inevitable”, made me laugh. Is he really trying to scuttle health care by dubbing it “ObamaCare?”

For some insight into Rove’s genius, here is what he said two months ago:

Mr. Obama is popular because he is a historic figure, has an attractive personality, has passed key legislation, and receives adoring press coverage.
However, there are cautionary signs. Mr. Obama’s policies are less popular than his personality, the pace of polarization with Republicans has proceeded faster than ever in history, and independents are thinking more like Republicans on the issues and less like Democrats.

So Karl Rove, in all his infinite wisdom, realizes that the President is much more popular than his policies, but his strategy for defeating health care is to insert Obama’s name into the title of legislation?

Call me crazy, but it might just be a little counter intuitive to brand a controversial policy your fighting against with the name of the most popular man in American politics.