The President's press conference performance and reality

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Simply put, everyone should watch this. This is nothing short of a dissertation on the ins and outs of health care policy in America as it stands now and everything we have to gain from undertaking reform.

The president explained what reform will do, what it won’t do, how we’ve already decided how to pay for 2/3 of it, the different options we have for paying for the last third, how it’s not going to hurt the deficit, how it will help the deficit in the long run, why the insurance and pharasetucial industries, doctors, nurses and hospitals all agree on major parts of it, why it will literally saves everyone money except for millionaires, AND the only reason anyone wants to destroy it is for pure politics, which they openly admit.

While explaining all this, the president spouted out facts, statistics, ideas, and analysis to both back up his claims and shoot down his critics. Just an amazingly detailed and sophisticated argument.

So naturally when I first saw the Politico headline and accompanying video, “Pundits unimpressed with Obama’s press conference,” I was flabbergasted.

No matter how bad they get, it never ceases to amaze me how genuine, educational information can be considered so un-newsworthy to the news media. But I guess after a week of focusing on how the irrelevant Bill Kristol said Republicans should kill health reform just for politics; or how Senator Jim DeMint said health care will “be Obama’s Waterloo” and will “break him;” or how Michael Steele not only didn’t know what an “individual requirement” was, but couldn’t even tell us what company provides his own health care; I guess its no wonder the whole thing flew over their heads.

Paul Krugman summed up the whole spectacle like this:

I found Obama’s health care presentation so impressive — so much command of the issues — that it had me worried. If I really like a politician’s speech, isn’t that an indication that he lacks the popular touch? (A couple of points off for “incentivize” — what ever happened to “encourage”? — but never mind.)
Seriously, it’s really good to see how much he gets it.