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Detained Newsweek reporter just appeared on the Daily Show from Iran four days ago

Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Canadian journalist working in Iran for Newsweek magazine was detained without charge by Iranian authorities Sunday, the magazine said, adding that Maziar Bahari had not been heard from since.
Newsweek strongly condemns this unwarranted detention, and calls upon the Iranian government to release him immediately,” the New York-based weekly news magazine said in a statement.
It said Bahari, who has been living and covering Iran for the past decade, was “detained without charge by Iranian authorities and has not been heard from since.”
“Mr Bahari’s coverage of Iran, for Newsweek and other outlets, has always been fair and nuanced, and has given full weight to all sides of the issues. He has worked well with different administrations in Tehran, including the current one,” it said.
The statement noted that as many as 20 journalists and bloggers are reported to have been detained since Iran’s June 12 elections, which set off mass protests after official results gave incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a landslide victory.

What makes this story even more curious is Mr. Bahari was featured in an interview done by Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones on his visit to Iran in the lead-up to the election. The segment just aired this past Wednesday.

In it, Mr. Bahari tries to clear up Western misconceptions about Iranians while emphasizing commonality with the United States. Of course, he does this as Jason Jones satirically tries to enforce every possible negative  stereotype Americans may have about Iran, and as you can see, Mr. Bahari more than holds his own.

I sincerely doubt that the Supreme Leader watches Comedy Central, but the timing is interesting nonetheless.


Jon Stewart sums up the right wing’s general impression of our new President. “So not only is Obama a total pussy who is going to let Europe run rough shot over us, he’s also an iron-fisted tyrant who will crush anyone who doesn’t bend to his will.” Watch the rest.

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Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Aftermath


If you have not already watched Jon Stewart totally eviscerate CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday’s Daily Show, please do. It is riveting television. Stewart relentlessly went after both Cramer and his parent network for furthering and masking our country’s financial problems by cheerleading bad stocks, ignoring fraudulent business practices and sucking up to lying CEOs, instead of doing what a credible news organization is supposed to do–investigate and expose them.

Since Stewart started his all out attack on CNBC more than a week ago, Cramer’s ratings have dropped 10%. Meanwhile, The Daily Show‘s ratings have never been higher.

The interview was almost universally lauded for its honesty and hard hitting questions by media critics, many of which are usually  swept under the rug or ignored by mainstream journalists, who are too wary to take on their own. Even White House enjoyed it.

The one hold out was, not surprisingly, pundit Tucker Carlson, who ironically dismissed Stewart as a “partisan hack.” Carlson, it should be noted, is probably still stinging from when his own CNN show, Crossfire, was embarrassed and later canceled following a guest appearance by Stewart, in which he verbally demolished Carlson worse than he did Cramer.

While that was previously the most famous example of Jon Stewart’s media crusade, it was certainly not the only time he has taken on the establishment for its failure to honestly report. Here’s a link to more videos of other members of the Media Elite getting caught in Stewart’s cross hairs.

Top 10 things that are a lot funnier now that the election is over

10. This New Yorker Cover:

Suddenly, now that this thing is over, this feels a lot less controversial and a lot more satirical.

9. “Joe” the “Plumber

8. Every interview Sarah Palin has ever done.

These were funny before, but funny in a sick way because it was so horrifying she could win. Now it’s easier to laugh wholeheartedly at her because she almost single handedly tanked McCain’s chances.

It’s also important that we don’t overlook that in her very first interview–before she couldn’t name any newspapers or Supreme Court decisions, or didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was, or thought the Vice President ran the Senate, or didn’t understand the First Amendment–she said the United States would INVADE RUSSIA. We should have known she never had a chance right then.

7. Michelle Bachmann’s call for an investigation into Anti-Americanism in Congress:

Even though she somehow won re-election, something tells me she won’t be pushing that again anytime soon.

6. This caricature of Rev. Wright:

The statement itself might be deplorable, but his unintentional comedic delivery really takes the edge off.

5. Joe Biden saying something stupid every time he’s in front of a big crowd.

You put this guy in a serious situation to talk about policy and he wows you with his extremely responsible, nuanced intellect. But if you put him in front of a cheering mass of people, he blacks out and blurts literally any idiotic thought that crosses his mind, no matter the consequences.

4. Sean Hannity.

3. Every news story that had those crazy quotes from nutty racists in Ohio or elsewhere, terrifying everyone that those people actually have a vote:

“He’s going to tear up the rose bushes and plant a watermelon patch,” said James Halsey, chuckling, while standing in the Wal-Mart parking lot with fellow workers in the environmental cleanup business. “I just don’t think we’ll ever have a black president.”

“I’ve always been against the blacks,” said Mr. Rowell, who is in his 70s, recalling how he was arrested for throwing firecrackers in the black section of town. But now that he has three biracial grandchildren — “it was really rough on me” — he said he had “found out they were human beings, too.”

Turns out they didn’t matter, so now instead of being frightened by their ignorance, we can just laugh at them.

2. 2008 John McCain calling Barack Obama a “socialist” for supporting 2002 John McCain’s tax policy:

1. George Bush.

For more reasons than I can count.